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Our FAMOUS Mineral Body Wraps will help you to look and feel your absolute best!

Our famous Slimming Mineral Body Wraps help to smooth, tighten and soften the skin as they accomplish an incredible cleansing of the body.  After just one session of body wrap, you will see an immediate slimming of up to 20 inches over your entire body.

You will notice softer and firmer skin tone, a definite decrease in cellulite on the hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.  Stretch marks will be less visible, your clothes will feel looser and more comfortable, but best of all . . . LA SlimWrap will help you to look and feel your absolute best! 

in just one hour!
Tone, Tighten and look inches smaller

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LA SlimWrap Mineral Body Wrap


Our Signature Body Wrap is the "Beauty Secret" for Red Carpet Ready Hollywood Celebrities. 


Natural, safe and most effective body wrap treatments to tone and tighten in just one hour! 

"In order to look my absolute

BEST for any photo shoot, I count

on the specialized techniques

of LA SlimWrap! 

I completely stand by the validity of

the LA SlimWrap process and the amazing results that it yields! Thank you for helping me and so many of my clients look their personal best for so many years!"   ~ Warmly, Alisa Daglio

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