Start Your Own Body Wrap Business or Add Body Wraps to Your Existing Business

Rave reviews are flowing in from salon owners as well as their clients!

“We are getting reports from salon and spa owners across the country telling us of the increased inch loss results they are getting, along with the noticeable difference in skin tightening and cellulite reduction." 

Clients are even noticing the difference and asking questions. One salon owner stated a veteran client wanted to know if she was adding some “secret ingredient”  because it was the best wrap she had ever had. Another owner said her employees were lining up to get their own LA SlimWrap after seeing the fantastic results on their clients. 

"When your own employees come in on their day off to get a body wrap, you know it has to be good!" laughed Afsi. "The most exciting report has come from a wrap technician who recently lost 65 pounds after having a baby and, after several spot wraps on her stomach, she has lost most of her stretch marks, tightened her loose skin and has a flat tummy once again. It’s so satisfying to know that I am able to share a product that I know is manufactured in an FDA approved lab, with only the purest of ingredients, under strict FDA manufacturing guidelines.  It is completely safe and pure, and is more effective than anything I have ever tried,” says Afsi. 


Anyone in the health and beauty industry can tell you there are literally hundreds of different body wrap products on

the market.  American and European body wraps have been around for centuries, but there are different types of

wraps for different purposes. Although there are American, European, Herbal, Sea Clay, Sea Weed, Sea Mud, Aloe

Vera, Collagen and other wrap formulas available, the LA SlimWrap Body Wrap is designed for inch loss, cellulite

reduction and maximum detoxification. 

The LA SlimWrap body wrap formula to be the best available and one of the best things you can do for a healthier body. When combined with our compression wrapping technique, your clients will not only be healthier, but they will be smaller and have less cellulite!  In fact, the system is so effective for inch loss and detoxification, you will be able to offer a 6 to 20 inch loss guarantee during the client's very first wrap! Clients continue to lose inches with additional wraps and then they keep coming back for the detoxification and cellulite benefits. Monthly maintenance wraps are encouraged to keep individual results. 

LA SlimWrap clients have been overwhelmingly happy with their results and it is a fantastic income generator for anyone in the health and beauty industry. While we do not recommend that anyone rely solely on one specific treatment to sustain their business, this is a perfect additional treatment option for those with existing day spas, salons, nail salons, health clubs, tanning salons, weight loss centers, exercise and fitness centers, and other beauty and wellness businesses around the world. 

Any smart business owner knows the real value of good advertising and promotion. While we try not to brag, it is fairly obvious from our vast exposure, on national television programs and in magazines, that we know what we are doing when it comes to advertising and promotion. Just take a look at the side bar here to see some of the programs and media LA SlimWrap has been featured on.

Other companies might promise you advertising...and they most likely will take a percentage of your business profit to pay for it.....but LA SlimWrap actually delivers....and it won't cost you a dime!  

Marketing any business is vital to growth and profitability and we take doing so very seriously, as you can see by the many shows and publications we have been featured.

So, how do you get your free advertising?  Simple, you offer LA SlimWrap Body Wraps to your clients and we add you to our list of spa and salons that use our product. When someone calls or comes to our website to learn more about LA SlimWrap Slimming Body Wraps, they find you!


If you would like to start a body wrap business or increase your profits by adding the LA SlimWrap System to your existing health, beauty or wellness business, we offer complete training packages. 

LA SlimWrap has teamed up with Body Wrap Training Expert, Andrea Welch of Spalon Techniques,LLC. "With almost two decades experience in the health and beauty industry. specializing in body wraps and microcurrent treatments, we take the guesswork out of trying something new. We are there for you every step of the way with everything you need to be a success!" 

*Because of our high profile publicity, marketing and advertising, we do require that LA SlimWrap Mineral Body Wrap

product is the ONLY  mineral  body wrap product you will offer your clients.  This insures your clients that they are receiving

the LA SlimWrap when requesting a mineral body wrap.

Your clients will love the results as much as ours do! Not only are they getting better inch loss than ever before, but clients are commenting on how much better they feel afterward with the increased detoxification  an LA SlimWrap Mineral Body Wrap 

delivers. It seems most notice right away that their energy level is up and they feel revived. And of course, everyone talks about how fantastic it is for getting rid of cellulite. 

The Benefits of Our Exclusive Training

  • No Expensive License or Franchise Fees
  • No Territory Limitations
  • No Ongoing Obligations* 
  • FREE Advertising and Publicity*
  • FREE Listing on our Website*
  • No Unnecessary Equipment to Purchase
  • No Travel Expenses for You or Your Employees
  • Freedom to Operate Your Business the Way You Want*
  • On Going Follow-up Consultations
  • On Going Support for You and Your Staff  

We are happy to answer all of your questions and help you in any way we can.

Wishing you all the best,

Afsi and Andrea

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"After being unwrapped, all the ladies want to look at their back sides to see if the cellulite is still there," says Afsi. "I love all the squeals of excitement and laughter coming from the wrap rooms when they see the amazing difference."

LA SlimWrap, Inc. has been helping residents of the Los Angeles area get the beautiful, slimmer, healthier bodies they want for more than ten years. As word spread about LA SlimWrap's owner, Afsi Naim, and how effective her body wrapping mineral product is, even the Hollywood stars started making their way to her to experience it for themselves. Afsi now has an impressive celebrity clientèle that she welcomes through the "back door" for privacy purposes and also makes "house calls" for celebrities, like Robin McGraw, who are simply too busy to come to her.                                 

Each LA SlimWrap Body Wrap Business Training Package provides you with the equipment, supplies, online training and all the ongoing support you need to get you off to a great start! Type your paragraph here.

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Our Complete Body Wrap Training Course Gets You Doing Business Fast!  
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We put together the perfect start up package. There are no additional costly travel expenses for you and your staff, no time away from your business or your families. With our  complete and comprehensive on line training program, we are able to help you set up an efficient work area, assist you in establishing a smooth work flow, giving you the perfect opportunity to increase your revenue.

If you truly want to be your own boss or you already own a business

and want to add body wraps, we can help.

With our exclusive training and product packages, we provide you with the knowledge, skills and products to start your body wrap business with no further obligation to us or anyone else except for purchasing your body wrap products.  Which are always of the highest standards and at competitive and reasonable pricing.  At the end of the training session, you will be given a list of suppliers and their contact information for reordering supplies and equipment.  We have sought out the best products and the best prices and gladly share this information with you in order to save you money and run your business more efficiently.