The LA Infrared Slimming System can bring your body

to better health with less work and more fat loss. 

This Infrared Slimming Treatment (AS SEEN ON THE DOCTORS TV) is the best fat loss body wrap system of its kind.  Lose an average of 2 to 3 pounds of body fat in just one treatment.  Through this unique use of infrared heat, you can achieve actual weight loss (not just water weight),increase your metabolism, burn calories, shrink stretch marks, rid yourself of harmful toxins, and finally lose that ugly cellulite!

Facts About Infrared      

The LA Infrared Slimming System does not prevent people from sweating. In fact, the opposite. The system is based on the deep penetration of infrared technology and the special product application to promote the breakdown of fat under the skin and improve circulation around fat. This allows for detoxification and in doing so, leaves you feeling energetic and refreshed. A slight increase in heart rate is normal during this process, just as in any cardiovascular activity or exercise.

                                                The LA Infrared Slimming System encourages detoxification. It promotes circulation and help                                                            eliminate 
retention of liquids which prevent proper fat management of the body.

                                                 The LA Infrared Slimming System does promote fat loss. It improves people’s health and makes                                                      you feel better.  
If used frequently over time, it provides very significant benefits towards weight                                                        loss and general health improvement.  

                                                This would not be possible if clients were only losing water  weight.

The LA Infrared Slimming Treatment  $130